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Quality insulation is one of the top investments you can make into improving your property.  By spending some money up front to get good quality insulation, you will save money year after year.  Besides only the energy costs to heat and cool your property, a properly-insulated building will also maintain a much more stable temperature that will keep your heating and cooling equipment from having to cycle as often, which will save wear and tear and extend the life of your HVAC system.

One of the additional benefits of using quality insulation is soundproofing.  Fiberglass insulation can absorb sound waves so you hear less sound coming through the walls or floors.  Additional insulation could mean a quieter environment inside, especially if you live in a noisy area or perhaps you just don't want to hear your kid's band in the garage anymore.  No matter your reasons, a quieter home is a calmer home, and who wouldn't like a little more peace and quiet?

Often builders will utilize the minimum insulation in order to save on building costs, but the buyers are the ones left with a less efficient property that is less enjoyable.  Sometimes a builder or handyman will take out pieces of insulation when installing electrical outlets or switches, resulting in hot or cold spots in a home due to compromised insulation.  A lot of people think about installing energy-efficient windows, but they forget about the insulation in their walls, which have much larger surface area than the windows do in a typical home, thus they contribute more to energy-efficiency.  It's understandable, since you can see the windows, but not your property's insulation, so many people don't think about it when they're considering ways to improve their building's efficiency.

If you've had significant water damage in a building, it is likely that your insulation was also damaged, and it should be replaced.  The best time to install new insulation is whenever you have the walls opened up, since half the cost of installing insulation is  the labor involved in gaining access to the interior wall spaces where the drywall is.  If you're already getting drywall work done on your property, you should really think about getting the insulation checked or replaced as well.

Our qualified insulation experts at El Paso Drywall Contractors have years of experience in installing and replacing insulation, which means we can help you figure out the best insulation for your property.  We can determine what kind of insulation you already have and we can offer you a range of insulation choices to meet whatever your needs are.  To get moving on making your property more energy-efficient, give us a call today and we'll get you started!